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About Earth Vision

Earth Vision Productions, Inc., continues to add worthwhile programs to our growing roster of educational, environmental and social issue documentaries and projects while completing funding for others.

The issue of increasing amounts of violence in the media, in children's video games, in schools, on television and on the streets motivates us to identify and create high quality educational programs which promote and enhance peaceful social change.

Projects which catch and hold our attention are as diverse as the world in which we live. Funding enables us to move our hearts, minds and our cameras towards issues that we know will make a difference in our society.

From the disappearing wetlands to the growing need for self-esteem in our young people, the protection of endangered species and habitats, to American children in jail, and African women in the fields, we find our work everywhere. The list continues to grow.

More than a film and video production organization, we strive to be partners in education, to help people examine and comprehend our complex social and environmental issues and how the visual media can directly address and impact these concerns.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, Earth Vision Productions, Inc., is pleased to offer our creative services to puplic and private organizations. In turn, we also rely on the generous financial support of individuals and corporations who want to make a difference with the educational projects we believe in.

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