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Film and Video Catalog
EVP strives to add worthwhile programs to our roster of educational, environmental and social issue documentaries and films suitable for Schools, Museums, Libraries and home use.

The Environment
Our disappearing wetlands, the plight of endangered species and habitats and the tragedy of toxic damage to our planet; these stories illustrate how of each us can work toward creating a world that works for everyone.

Global and Social Issues
Where are the injustices in our communities and what are we doing to change them? Inspirational stories of people who have committed their lives to make a difference.

There is so much to discover about how we can be responsible for the health and well being of our own minds and bodies.

Contemporary learning in every topic is possible and powerful through the use of film, video, and CD-ROM.

We are a nation that lives to work and we work at playing hard. Ideas on living a more balanced life.

Films can inspire, enlighten and educate in a most entertaining fashion.

On-going training and education for business managers and staff is made simple, easy and cost-effective through the use of video and CD-ROM.

Educational Video Production, Educational Videos, Environmental Video Production, Environmental Videos

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