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“Telling important stories through words, music and moving pictures.”

Complete development, creation and completion of Film, Video and Multimedia Productions, Television and Full Length and Films:

In the domain of Hollywood where budgets for feature films start in the millions, full length films can and are shot, edited and produced for budgets under 1 million with satisfying and often, award-winning results. From student film scripts to the work of aspiring writers and directors, we have the production process to put your words to pictures in a variety of creative ways.

Documentaries: Nothing is more powerful, profound or poignant than a story told in a compelling documentary style. From the heart wrenching tales of children caught in poverty, to the uplifting sagas of positive social change achieved through individual sacrifice and compassion, we have been honored to produce documentary films for schools, museums, libraries and public broadcasting.
Training: Effective education and training tools comprised of workbooks and video make powerful education and training sessions and have won national awards for our company and clients. On a more sophisticated level, training curricula built for CD-ROM add an interactive element to the same content. See our Multimedia section for more information.

Education K –12: School, libraries, museums and parents successfully utilize film and video products as part of a contemporary educational program. As a way to entertain while educating, film and video captures the imagination and mind of viewers, young and old. Animated characters teach through song; actors demonstrate precise learning techniques.

TV Commercials: With a little imagination and a lot of creativity, powerful television commercials can be created for reasonable budgets and outstanding results. Deliver your message with impact! If you can imagine it - we can produce it! 15, 30 and 60 second messages which make the most of high-end production values of animation, special effects, and visual layering.

Webmercials: Content and material from your television commercials can easily translate to your web site and are as much a part of a company’s marketing bag of tricks as a brochure.

Events on Location: Capture the moment, the speech, the event, the celebration on one, two or three cameras for archival or editing purposes. Utilizing 3 or 4 cameras with an experienced technical director calling the shots, saves time and money in the editing room and delivers to you a ready-to-go video product.

Time Streaming: Time Streaming is a new and innovative marketing tool, which can be used in a variety of ways. Using time-lapse photography, Time Stream is able to keep a visual record of any major event and is customizable to fit any of your needs. Already it has been used to keep track of site progress, as a visual record of accomplishments at annual corporate meetings, and as a web site tool. While these are just a few examples of the uses of Time Stream, its versatility and flexibility lend it to be used for any reason.

Sales: Explain and demonstrate a new product or service with an exciting, visually packed video. Whether approached with humor, satire, action, drama or song, a demo video can help you sell and market your company and services with style. For a “cutting edge” presentation, we can deliver the same visual presentation on a CD-ROM or iCard. For more information check out our Multimedia section.

Promotions, Marketing: Tell your story with color, sizzle and razzmatazz. Deliver the punch your company needs through action video on tape or digital delivery systems. Whether it is an extension of your brochure or an in-depth history of your company, a marketing video educates clients like no other medium.

Non-profit Fund Raising Videos: More and more non-profit organizations are turning to the visual medium of video for their fund raising. These documentary style videos capture the viewer’s imagination in a personal, non-commercial style. Utilizing a “news-magazine” approach allows real people to relate their real stories. The effect is heart-warming and powerful.

Personal: Video footage edited with a personal flavor creates a visual centerpiece for birthdays, weddings, memorials and anniversaries. Programs placed on DVDs make excellent mementos for guests and a treasure for a lifetime.

Best regards,
Ashley Gardner

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